Easy Crypto Faucet

Do you want to earn crypto coins easily? Coins like Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin and DASH?

This is how you can do it with minimal effort. Simply follow the step below.

Step 1
Register with Coin Pot.
Coin Pot is your micro wallet where all your crypto coins will be stored. Be sure to use the same email address when you sign up with the faucets in the following steps!

Step 2
Register with Moon Bitcoin. Claim Satoshi every 5 minutes

Step 3
Register with Moon Litecoin. Claim Litoshi every 5 minutes

Step 4
Register with Moon Dogecoin. Claim Dogecoin every 5 minutes

Step 5
Register with Moon Dash. Claim DASH every 5 minutes

Step 6
Register with Moon Cash. Claim BCH Satoshi every 5 minutes

Step 7
Register with Bit Fun. Claim Satoshi every 3 minutes. Play some games while you’re at it!

Step 8
Register with Bonus Bitcoin. Claim Satoshi every 15 minutes

Claim your crypto coins regularly and you’ll see you Coin Pot fill up!

REMEMBER: Every lit bit adds up!